Teco Tank TK 500: the king of chiller – In depth review

teco tank tk 500 - top

As we have just said, the air intake has been moved in the front, rather than placed under the unit as in the old chillers, and is connected to the central body thanks to a series of magnets. In this way it becomes extremely simple to extract the air filter to proceed to its cleaning.

teco tank tk 500 - presa d'aria calamitata

But the news does not end there.
The two pipes, inlet and outlet, have been moved in the back corner of the chiller. The pipes are not fixed but can rotate and, depending on how they are installed, they can protrude from the side or from the rear. This way you can place the unit or against the back wall and with side pipes, or against the side wall with rear pipes. Really an ingenious system that leaves almost always two adjacent open sides.

teco tank tk 500 - tubi ingresso ed uscita

To lock the pipes, two springs pipe are included, and although they are a little hard to use, manage to tighten the pipes and to ensure the perfect seal of the system.

teco tank tk 500 - molle serratubi

But there’s more, Teco left us with one last gift, a pair of clamp pipe used to block water inside the pipes, so that you could unplug the chiller and  it will not come out a drop from pipes… except those between the clamp and the end of the pipes.

teco tank tk 500 - clamp serratubi

Finally the display, with red digits, which has greatly improved the readability, even if we see off in the photo below

teco tank tk 500 - display

To review all we have said up to this point you can also see the beautiful video on youtube that we have created specifically for the new series Teco Tank Chiller Line.

Final Thoughts

I'm sure the chiller is a purchase totally recommended regardless, and Teco TK 500 is a great chiller, very quiet when compared to the powers involved, very well built and, at least under our test conditions, very efficient, so that we can elect it the King of chillers!

Overall Score 4.5