Ultramarine Magazine n.76 is on newsstand with Carlo Mondaini aquarium

The bimonthly magazine UltraMarine Magazine n.76 is finally ready to be read with very interesting articles and another italian aquarium by Carlo Mondaini.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

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The magazine can be purchased and viewed online, with your iOS device or can be ordered directly in postal subscription, for any further information and for subscription, I refer you to the website of UltraMarine.

In this issue you can see my reportage about the Carlo Mondaini‘s tank. A gorgeous mixed tank of SPS and LPS. We saw the aquarium as featured one just on these pages: 1000 liters of the marine aquarium of the month by Carlo Mondaini.

Contents of UltraMarine Magazine n.76

  • Close Look: Triton N-Doc ICP – In this issue’s Close Look review we unbox and real world test the new P4 Pro and P1 dosing pumps from D-D H2Ocean
  • Digital -Reefer Update – No. 3 – John Clipperton delivers a third update on his Red Sea REEFER 625XXL as it approaches the 2 year old mark.
  • Reef-keeping Burn Out – Mike Paletta confronts a problem that has the potential to confound even the most conscientious reef-keeper; what happens when the hobby looses it’s allure
  • Gone Fishin’ – Chris Sergeant investigates the enigmatic and outlandish frogfishes both in the wild and in captivity.
  • When in Rome… – Danilo Ronchi visits the stunning reef aquarium of Italian hobbyist Carlo Mondaini and gives us the low-down on this unusual and eye-popping system.
  • Close-up on Corals: Hydnophora – James Fatherree explores the horn corals of the Hydnophora genus and explains what makes these unusual SPS corals worthy of consideration.
  • Good Golly, Miss Molly – Kenneth Wingerter ventures into brackish waters to investigate the subject behind something of a revival in recent reef-keeping.
  • Tropical versus Temperate – Campbell Robertson compares the dazzling tones of the tropical reef to the more subtle hues of temperate climes.