Preview UltraReef AutoSkim, the scrapers kit to clean the skimmer neck

UltraReef Autoskim Sistema autopulente per schiumatoi

Following the review of the Ultra Reef Akula uks-180 skimmer, the producer asked us to try over the same skimmer the semiautomatic cleaning kit called Autoskim.

Amtra sabbie e decorativi

The kit will normally contain 3 sets of spatulas of different sizes because it can adapt to different sizes of the neck of the skimmer, so it can be used also with skimmers different from the series of Ultra Reef Akula.

The clamping mechanism of the spatulas consists of a black pin, with the knob, which is inserted inside the lid of the glass that must obviously be drilled. The glass in practice must be drilled in three points, one for the passage of the pin, and two for the tightening of the PVC top.

Once inserted into the glass of the skimmer you can rotate the knob that will move the brushes that will clean the neck of the glass. Simple, practical and efficient.

UltraReef Autoskim Sistema autopulente per schiumatoi

We think it is a kit that we would like to be fitted to all the skimmers sold because the dirt that accumulates on the neck of the glass is definitely one of the reasons why the quality and quantity of skimming, even drastically, could lessen.

Now I go to put it inside the skimmer and let you know shortly how it will behave in the aquarium.

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