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General information about Planted Aquariums

Planted Aquariums
By Filipe Oliveira

Of course not!
Setup a beautiful planted tank is not so difficult as people think! Choosing the right equipments, additives, soil and plants, this will help to keep a planted aquarium. Of course that when we talk about beauty this is relative, what is beautiful for a person can be ugly or indifferent for others, but is this what distinguish us as human beings.
Each planted tank is a planted tank and the most important thing is that persons do it according to their needs and the time that they have to spend daily for maintenance. In case of having some fishes in old Aquariums, the layout needs to be adjusted to their needs, maybe this can reduce the variety of plants, but it is possible to do something beautiful.
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Maintenance of a Planted Aquarium – Quick and easy!

Some people think that keeping a planted aquarium needs to spend a lot of time in the maintenance, but they are wrong. If we spend 5~15min every day doing small things, like add liquid fertilizer, feeding the fishes, cleaning the glasses or maybe a water change; the general maintenance is easy and fast! We just need to schedule very well all the needs and have some rules.

Even if we don’t do something daily, a balanced aquarium can be easily cleaned, just see the following video:

To have an idea, I spent 45min doing this maintenance and I was worried about the camera, seeing if it was recording or not… so usually to do something like this, I spend 15~20min at most.
Some algae appeared but nothing to complain… It is quite normal in a new layout, but if you detect on time, is very easy to control and remove it. On the video above you can see the difference between before and after! No tricks and no photoshop…