SPS Coral Food – from Vitalis a food for small polyped stony corals

Mangime per coralli duri a polipo piccolo: Vitalis SPS Coral Food

SPS Coral Food is the specific micronized feed for small polyped stony corals, usually called SPS, proposed by Vitalis.

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SPS Coral food is composed by micronized flakes containing fish and fish derivatives, vegetal derivatives, shellfish, crustaceans, oils, fats, vitamins and minerals.

We can’t strictly speaking about zooplankton but of a balanced feed that uses, in particular, fish, and in addiction anything else the corals need. It also contains shellfish and crustaceans that usually are part of the real zooplankton.

The feed have a dimension between 100 and 400 micron, perfect for small polyped stony corals, be they Acropora, Montipora, Stylophora, Seriatopora, Pocillopora and so on. It’s also obvious that this isn’t a food refused by the stony corals with larger polyps, that are the LPS.

Mangime per coralli duri a polipo piccolo: Vitalis SPS Coral Food - barattolo

The feed contains 53,7% of proteins, 12,2% of inorganic matter and 10,5% of fats.

The importance of corals alimentation

If you have been our readers for a while, you know that we are firmly convinced of the necessity to feed the corals. So, given this, we have to search for the better feed to administer. We believe that SPS Coral Food di Vitalis it’s a great feed in this sense. It’s half composed by proteins, with the addiction of minerals and vitamins, and this makes it appear as the the perfect compaing of our beloved corals.

Visually it seems talc, thin and dusty, but enlarging the view we see a structure similar to small flakes.

Mangime per coralli duri a polipo piccolo: Vitalis SPS Coral Food - ingrandimento dei fiocchi

The package includes a measuring cup, because it’s recommended not to touch the food with your bare hands.

How to administer SPS Coral Food

Vitalis suggests a spoon for every 50 liters of water in aquarium, and to adjust based your own population. In my tank of 400 liters I use 8 spoon each day.

If you want to obtain the maximum result I suggest you to treat SPS Coral Food in a measure cup with the water of the aquarium, low considerably the flow of the pumps and, if it’s possible, to administer the food in front of each of them. It would be also great to stop the return pump, avoiding that the product ends up into the sump and is skimmed.

The jar is about 40 grams and costs 12 euro.

We really liked it and the corals, both SPS and LPS, seemed to enjoyed it very much… Do you have any experience with this?