Rossmont News: new skimmers, return pumps and promo code

Rossmont has finally opened pre-orders for new skimmers and new return pumps, as well as a promotional code to get 1 year extra warranty.

Amtra scopri le offerte

If you remember, we gave you a sneak peek during last Macna in Las Vegas when we talked about it in our report. The released products are even five. Two new skimmers (an absolute brand new for Rossmont) and three new return pumps.

The skimmers called “Skimer” are the SX1000 and SX2000 models, which Rossmont introduces with “More than controllable … programmable!”.

The new return pumps extending the range of  Riser R3200 (which we reviewed very positively just a few months ago (review)) are called respectively  RX 5000, RX 6600 and RX 8400. These numbers let easily assume the project flow rates.

But let’s take a closer look at the Rossmont products we’re talking about.

Rossmont Skimer SX 1000 and SX 2000

The Skimers adopts a curved body with external pump scheme. This slightly increases the overall size if compared to skimmers with an internal pump, but it leaves more room for bubbles and especially it simplifies maintenance. The peculiarities are the possibility to program it during the day using the waver (review), and the possibility to adjust the pump flow rate continually.

The Skimer SX 1000 has a flow rate of 2,900 l/h and a power consumption of 29 watts, suitable up to 300 liters tank stocked with of SPS corals and up to a 1000 liters fish-only tank, as correctly pointed out in the product sheet.

The model Skimer SX 2000 instead has a flow rate of 3,500 l/h and a consumption of 34 watts, and is suitable, according to the manufacturer, for aquariums respectively up to 600 – 2000 liters.

The price of the Skimer SX 1000 is 399.9 euro in its stand-alone configuration, and 599.9 together with Waver to control it out of the box. The Skimer SX 2000 costs 499.9 and 699.9 euro respectively.

The new Rossmont Riser RX 5000, RX 6600 and RX 8400 return pumps

We are talking about three pumps with a very interesting data. The Rossmont Riser RX 5000 has a flow rate of 5.000 l/h and a 3.60 meters head pressure with a max power consumption of 70 watts. The Rossmont RX 6600 has a flow rate of 6,600 l/h and 3.10 meters of head pressure with 75 watts of consumption. Last the Rossmont RX 8400 has a flow rate of 8,400 l/h and a head pressure of 3.80 meters with a max consumption of 85 watts.

Combined with the Rossmont waver they become controllable pumps with whom you can do everything. Otherwise they still remain extremely affordable pumps to buy, but with a fixed flow rate (manually adjustable with a ball-valve though).

The price of the three pumps is respectively € 144.90, € 169.90 and € 199.90 in a stand-alone configuration, while they’re respectively € 349.9, € 374.9 and € 399.9 together with Waver.

Remind that the Waver has two channels available thus with just one controller you can manage both the skimmer and return pump or one of the yet known Mover stream pumps.

The code for the extended one-year warranty

To get 36 months warranty instead of a standard 24 you will just have to choose a store on the Rossmont dealer map, send an email directly to Rossmont at for booking the product(s) directly by that store. Once received, it will be necessary to send an email with the product serial ID and then Rossmont will send a coupon code for the extension of the 3-year warranty.

Yes, the procedure is not the easiest, but everything is done by sending a couple emails.

For further informations and asking the promo code you can also click here: Rossmont.

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