Outbreak: bacteria against organic compound for marine and freshwater

ATM Outbreak Marine confezione profilo anterioreATM presents Outbreak! Marine and Outbreak! FreshWater, respectively bacteria for marine and freshwater aquariums which take care of the organic compounds.

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Outbreak means an explosion, and that’s what ATM claims, there is an “outbreak” of bacteria. Bacteria contained are hetherotrophs,  like the nitrifying ones, but they are different for freshwater and marine water. That’s why there is a double formulation.

The product is anaerobic and so it doesn’t have an expiry date, furthermore, a typical ATM feature, it is non-toxic. In this way, if we commit an overdosing mistake there is not any problem for our tank. The only contra-indication, related to overdosing, should be some cloudy water for some time after dosing it.

Nothing to worry about, indeed.

ATM Outbreak Marine confezione profilo posteriore ed etichetta

Outbreak has been formulated for a weekly dosing. Once we have reached the balance.

ATM Outbreak is ideal for a complete cleaning of the substrate since the bacteria will take care of oils, fats and lipides that exist in our aquariums as well as fishes solid waste, and will naturally remove them. Bacteria will take care of  all these unwanted nutrients, every waking moment, in a completely organic way.

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Basically both Outbreak! Marine and Outbreak! Freshwater will take care of all the organic buildup, removing them naturally.

The bottle contains both bacteria and enzymes that ATM suggests to use once a perfect bacterial cycle has been established with  ATM Colony.

ATM Outbreak FreshWater confezione profilo posteriore ed etichetta

Directions for use of ATM Outbreak!

ATM suggests to shake strongly the bottle before using it, to mix bacteria and enzymes inside. First dosing should be 26 ml every 75 litres. So in my 400 litres tank I should dose 400/75*26=139 ml of this product. And I should repeat the dosing the following day. Later the dosing is once a week.

It is important to point out that ATM suggests to turn off UV and skimmer for 48 hours after dosing it.

Available pack sizes and prices

ATM Outbreak! Marine and Outbreak! Freshwater have different pack sizes:

Product Size Price € per liter Treated litres
ATM Outbreak! Marine 118 ml 118 ml 13,90 euros 118 302 litres
ATM Outbreak! Marine 236 ml 236 ml 18,50 euros 78 605 litres
ATM Outbreak! Marine 473 ml 473 ml 27,20 euros 58 1211 litres
ATM Outbreak! Marine 946 ml 946 ml 44,90 euros 47 2422 litres
ATM Outbreak! Freshwater 118 ml 118 ml 12,30 euros 104 302 litres
ATM Outbreak! Freshwater 236 ml 236 ml 16,30 euros 69 605 litres
ATM Outbreak! Freshwater 473 ml 473 ml 26,90 euros 57 1211 litres
ATM Outbreak! Freshwater 946 ml 946 ml 41,00 euros 43 2422 litres

Of course sticks out the fact that the bigger bottle is cheaper. And I suggest it for the significant saving, unless you have a very small nanoreef and you are not able to use it within one year since its opening.

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