AccuraSea NSW – bottled seawater by Two Little Fishies – Review

HkK: Does AccuraSea NSW have an expiry date? Is it different once the tank is open?
(I remember we talked about this in Rimini, and you told me that there is not an expiry date with an open tank. I can confirm that, because with my 30 litres DSB tank I use one of your container in a few weeks, but I want to understand why there is no precipitation).
J.S.: As I told you at PetsItaly Mace in Rimini, there is no date of expiration. AccuraSea NSW is stable because the ionic composition of natural seawater is stable as long as there are no biological effects. Our treatment of the water eliminates biological effects. The calcium and alkalinity are in perfect balance so there is no precipitation. The container can be opened and it is still stable as long as the lid is closed again to prevent evaporation.
HkK: Do I need to shake the tank before I use it?
J.S.: No, you do not need to shake or stir the water before use. The dissolved ions do not settle.

HkK: What else can you tell me to draw up a good presentation of AccuraSea NSW?
J.S.: As you have probably noticed, corals expand their polyps when you make a water change with AccuraSea NSW. Some hobbyists have asked us what we put into the water that elicits this response. All I can say is that’s nature’s secret because we add nothing.

I am grateful to Julian for this email-interview and I’m going to introduce the product itself.

Considerations of use

AccuraSea NWS

The tank of AccuraSea NSW is the same of Natural Seawater for marine aquarium (here our article), but with a particular quantity. The tank in fact, contains 16,6 Liters, so 4,4 gallons; a little bit less than how declared by Julian in his interview.
So it forces us to think about “containers” to change, and not liters. It takes a little time to get in this mindset, but one can get used soon.

In my old 160 liters cube I changed one or two containers at a time according to demand, now in my 30 litrers nano DSB, I change one or three jugs as needed.

Currently for my water changes I just pick up from the tank the amount of water to change with a graduated jug, and I quicky reintroduce it in the same way.

Mine is a borderline case, but also when I had my 160 liters tank, I had two tanks of  AccuraSea NSW in the cellar, and it allowed me to change water at any time, without preparing it one or two days before. Having a  tank of seawater ready to use at any moment was soothing for me. I was conscious that I could have a quick response if something wrong happened with my tank.

Up to now I used this water in 4 different tanks and I have no complaints on the results. All of them were tanks with both fish and corals (softies and SPS), nothing with lots of requirements, and some frags of  Acropora sp. that I have introduced had a good growth and nice colors.

AccuraSea NSW

The label is just a summary of what Julian Sprung said in his interview, and he recommends to check that density and temperature of your tank and of AccuraSea NSW are the same, before you do the water change. After I saw  Carlos Mota’s water packaging, suggested Two Little Fish to introduce the results of  ICP tests on the label, maybe in the future we will find it.

A disadvantage of this product is that we  are literally drowning in empty plastic tanks. Their build quality is not fine, maybe to reduce production costs, but the tank has a large entrance and it allows us to use it as a tank for osmosis water, introducing in it both small cylindrical pumps and small 12V pumps that people use now.


We can drill a hole where pass the power cable of the pump and the top-off hose.
This way we can change the tank at every water change, without washing it every time.

The market price of AccurSea NSW  is between 18,00 and 20,00 euros for the 16,6 litres tank, so about 1,10 and 1,20 euros per litre. A price that is not cheap, for some saltwater, but personally I consider it an high quality water and the several positive aspects widely compensate for the price.


In terms of cost, we must consider that everything revolves around water changes, starting from the salt bucket, the containers for the preparation, the time we need to dissolve the salt, the fights with your spouse and you name it!
What to do is up to us, if it’s worth the price difference between 1,15 euros/litre (medium price) and 0,22 euro for 36 grams of salt (medium price among those identified) to which we have to add all the preparation costs and the osmosis water production.
On the other hand we need a place for storing the tanks, we need to dispose the empty tanks, but above all the inconvenience to carry the water from the shop to our aquarium.


ico.piu.png ready to use water;
ico.piu.png Ideal for NanoReef as it doesn’t have a date of expiration;
ico.piu.png Reusable tank.


ico.meno Not quite affordable price;
ico.meno Not insignificant weight, especially if used in large quantities;
ico.meno Not insignificant volume, especially if used in large quantities.

Accurasea NSW by Two Little Fishies

Build quality
Price performance


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Final Thoughts

Never as in this case the price / quality ratio can be misleading. Quality at the highest levels and high price are hard to judge. Read our two pages to understand it.

Overall Score 3.5