Equo presents Vivido: an ecological balance bioconditioner for freshwater and marine aquariums

Equo Vivido: promotore equilibrio ecologico dell'acquario sia dolce che marinoEquo Vivido is one of the latest products of  the Italian company of Prato and it focuses on ecological balance both for freshwater and for marine aquariums.

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At a first sight, Equo Vivido looks very interesting . Its task is to affect on the chemical and physical conditions that bring the aquarium out of balance: it restores favorable conditions for our tanks. Both for marine and freshwater aquariums.

Reading the Safety Data Sheet, that Equo provides for every product in his website, we discover that Equo Vivido is composed by a combination of magnesium and  glutaral. Everybody knows what magnesium is, but this is the first time that I meet glutaral. Basically glutaral is a strong disinfectant so we DaniReefers think that it works on the tank by “sanitizing” the water, and so cleaning the algae that come from not ideal or out of balance conditions.

That’s why we think that Equo called it Vivido as a organic promoter of biological balance in aquarium.

Equo Vivido: promotore equilibrio ecologico dell'acquario sia dolce che marino

So Equo Vivido opposes  with all those conditions that cause an environmental alteration and the proliferation of opportunistic species . That’s why it helps to promote aquatic plants growth in freshwater aquariums and the symbiosis between corals and zooxanthellae in marine aquariums, by improving the aesthetics of the two different kinds of aquariums  making them flourishing and, indeed, vivid.

Costs and Dosage of Equo Vivido

The suggested dosing is to give 5 ml per 100 ml everyday. In a 300 litres tank we mean 15 ml a day. The duration of dosing is between 1 and 2 weeks. As for every suggested dosing for standard aquariums, the dosing can differ according to plants and animals response. In which case Equo warns not to go more than 50% of the recommended dose.

At the end of the treatment Equo suggests a strong filtration with Activated Carbon and bacteria dosing.

Equo Vivido is sold in five packages. Three bottles of 100, 250 e 500 ml, by the cost respectively of 9,90, 17,90 e 27,00 euros. Of course the bigger bottle is the cheaper one, 54 euro per litre, versus 72 and 99 euros per litre. We have also tanks of  2,5 and 5 litres, but I don’t see them well for home-aquariums.

This time the purchase is depending on your tank dimensions. For a 100 litres tank, with a 5 ml per day dosing, and two weeks duration, we need 5mlx14=70ml, so the small bottle is enough. Instead for a 400 litres aquarium, like mine, we need 20×14=280 ml and so the 500 ml bottle is suggested.