Titanium Square Skimmers and more at Macro Aqua’s stand at Cips 2017

CIPS 2017: Stand Macro Aqua - Titanium Square Skimmer STN 25 STN 22 STN 18 STN 15 STN 13Lots of news at Macro Aqua’s stand, starting from the protein skimmers “Titanium Square Skimmers“.

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We are talking about a protein skimmer series with an unusual shape, I mean squared. There is no need to tell you how comfortable would be a kind of skimmer like this in our sump, because of the reduced dimensions for internal volume. But certainly thinking that it would work fine is another matter, and it needs a leap of faith.

Anyway Macro Aqua did really think of everything. The impeller in Titanium mesh, except for the higher costs, should be the best existing commercially speaking. Virtually unbreakable, seems to guarantee a great foaming.

Looking at the new  titanium square skimmer I remember the Deltec MCE600 I had  at the dawns of my aquarist career, in the early 2000s  (here our italian review of more than 10 years ago). Basically it was a squared-bottom skimmer itself, with the difference that it remained squared in all its height, while in this case the section in going reducing, trying to resemble a traditional skimmer.

CIPS 2017: Stand Macro Aqua - Titanium Square Skimmer STN 22

These skimmers are pushed by electronic pumps, so with a variable flow, 24 volt, and they have the awesome convenient opportunity to remove the cup with an easy movement of the hand, considering that it is practically leaning on the body. This is a convenience not to be underestimated.

CIPS 2017: Stand Macro Aqua - Titanium Square Skimmer - giranti in mesh di titanio

All the models of Titanium Square Skimmer by Macro Aqua

There are 5 model shown, as you can see in the picture, and they differ one another for  pump, flow, volume and dimensions.

Model Dimensions Air flow Water flow Consumption Tank volume
 SNT-25  29x29x55 cm  2.000 l/h  10.000 l/h  60 w  5.000 l
 SNT-22  26x26x55 cm  1.800 l/h  5.000 l/h  45 w  4.000 l
 SNT-18  22x22x53 cm  1.500 l/h  3.500 l/h  35 w  3.000 l
 SNT-15  19x19x51 cm  1.200 l/h  2.500 l/h  25 w  2.200 l
 SNT-13  17x17x51 cm  900 l/h  2.000 l/h  20 w  1.600 l


We consider these numbers a little bit crazy… because 10.000 l/h flow in a skimmer is quite a lot. But Macro Aqua seems to believe it since they suggest an exaggerated  tank volume. A good 5.000 litres tank pushed by a so small skimmer is, all in all, something awesome. On the other hand the power consumption of every single skimmer is very high. With the exception of the small STN-13 that at a glance might be good  for a 300 litres SPS tank, in our opinion. Just to scale down the comparisons. And perhaps it is small. In any case we have a great interest in testing them.

CIPS 2017: Stand Macro Aqua - Titanium Square Skimmer STN 25 STN 22 STN 18 STN 15 STN 13

But let’s move on.

Liquid Doser by Macro Aqua

We have already been talking about Liquid Doser AK35 by Macro Aqua, conceptually similar to the Skimz one we will speak about in the next days. And it really caused a stir. Now we can say that it does exists and we have actually seen it.

CIPS 2017: Stand Macro Aqua - AK 35 Liquid Doser

Nice, good looking and functional. Our Balling friends are warned.

Macro Aqua’s Multidirectional Flow Generator pumps

Let’s close with the new Macro Acqua’s circulation pumps called Multidirectional Flow Generator.

CIPS 2017: Stand Macro Aqua - pompe Multidirectional Flow Generator UA-3 UA-5 UA-7

These are three circulation pumps following the shapes introduced first by Maxspect . They are called UA-7, UA-5 ed UA-3. The declared flow rate is respectively 9.000, 14.000 e 16.000 l/h, and the power consumption 20, 24 e 26 watt.

Of course they are electronic with a variable flow. The real question is if we will ever see them in Italy.


For further informations about Macro Aqua we give you the link to their official website. We give you also the link to our editorial about  CIPS 2017, where you can find out all the reports we have already done and also the ones we will write from this day forth.

CIPS 2017: Stand Macro Aqua

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