The 10.000 litres tematic aquarium of Masoala at the Zoo Zurich

2015_12 Madagascar Reef Aquarium at Zoo Zurich53


This aquarium hosts a big variety of fishes, so many that even the tank manager had difficulties to list them. You can have a look at this list, not every fish is in the photos due to difficulties in finding them and the opaque glasses.

The aquarium hosts an Amblygobius phalaena, three Amphiprion ocellaris, a Centropyge eibli, a Centropyge loriculus, and a Chelmon rostratus.

Also some Chromis viridis, a Ctenochaetus strigosus, a Halichoeres chrysus, a Labroides dimidiatus, and a really enjoyable Oxycirrhites typus are present.

There are also some Paracanthurus hepatus.

2015_12 Paracanthurus hepatus at Madagascar Reef Aquarium at Zoo Zurich02

There are several Pseudanthias dispar, that were really amazing.

We could see also two Pseudocheilinus hexataenia, one Salarias guttatus, one Salarias ramosus, and one Siganus volpinus.

Siganus volpinus

Siganus volpinus

One Zebrasoma scopas


One Zebrasoma xanthurus and one Acanthurus sohal

2015_12 Acanthurus sohal at Madagascar Reef Aquarium at Zoo Zurich84

Acanthurus sohal


The arrangement of the present corals will be changed in the next years“, that is what the responsible Martin Bauert is explaining us and he is inviting us to visit the new aquarium after the renovation. Nevertheless, corals seemed to be healthy, we really appreciate the challenge the Zoo Zurich is facing by having more species of hard corals: They could just simply impress amateurs by showing only soft corals but they wanted to create a realistic sight and therefore they are keeping a high variety of corals. Here we show the list of the hosted species.

Many Acroporas, as we already said.


Acanthastrea, Blastomussa, and Catalaphyllia jardinei

Catalaphyllia jardinei

Catalaphyllia jardinei

Discosoma, Echinophyllia, Euphyllia, Favia sp., Fungia sp., Gorgonie Rumphella sp., Heliopora

Heliopora con Seriatopora histrix in primo piano

Heliopora with Seriatopora histrix in the front

Litophyton sp., Lobophytum,

2015_12 Madagascar Reef Aquarium at Zoo Zurich66

many big Montipora.

Seriatopora hystrix

2015_12 Seriatopora histrix at Madagascar Reef Aquarium at Zoo Zurich50

Stylophora pistillata milka

2015_12 Stylophora at Madagascar Reef Aquarium at Zoo Zurich73

Welsophyllia and Zoanthus sp.

Other invertebrates

We immediately noticed some big Tridacna sp. and some anemone Entacmaea sp. as sessile invertebrates.

The aquarium is also populated by several animals that are moving through the tank. Several snails like Trochus e Tectus, two Cypraea fimbriata and two Cypraea tigris. Two sea urchins Tripneustes, and some Clypeaster australasiae, one blue starfish (Linckia laevigata) and two red ones (Formia elegans). One Linckia sp., several Archaster angulatus, approx. 30 hermit crabs of several species (of them some Calcinus Elegans), two crabs Neopetrolisthes sp. and some shrimps: seven Lysmata amboinensis and four Stenopus hispidus.

2015_12 Euphyllia at Madagascar Reef Aquarium at Zoo Zurich79