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Oceanlife declared Zeus out of the game

We learn in these last weeks ​​Oceanlife has made his Zeus discontinuous, one of the most beautiful and useful object for our aquariums.

Zeus, of which you can read a thorough review by clicking on the name, is a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) developed specifically to aquarium use, with an incredible value for money and enormous time of back up, especially if compared to the prices of UPS of the same backup time.

On learning the news with great sorrow, we immediately contacted Oceanlife who admitted the withdrawal of Zeus due to problems with distribution, in practice many of Zeus shipped arrives broken due to the care with which they were treated by couriers, making important shipping by pallet, which, but this trick were never repeated by dealers because of high costs, with the result that Zeus came to the store intact but not the end user.

We were reassured, however, saying that they are working on a new version “Zeus 2.0” which will be less susceptible to shipments and with exciting new features.

We just have to wait!