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Akula uks-180 Skimmer by Ultra Reef In depth review

schiumatoio Ultra Reef Akula uks-180

At the beginning of august, we began testing a pre-production version of the new skimmer by Ultra Reef, the  uks-180 and we did it in a marine aquarium yet unreleased to the general public but that soon we will publish on our own pages. Today we are here to tell you how it went.

Ultra Reef is a relatively young italian company with great background built over industrial pumps, now it builds skimmers, fluidized beds, calcium reactors and many other accessories for marine aquarium. Actually it’s sold only in Italy but, in a couple of month, it will be possible to found its products in USA and Europe as well. We know some distributions are just started..

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Skimmer Tunze DOC Skimmer 9415 Review

We have had the new skimmer Tunze DOC Skimmer 9415 under two different marine aquariums for more than six moths. Today we are here to tell you what it’s happened. Tunze sais to use this skimmer for aquariums up to 1500 liters with little organic load and for aquariums up to 500 liters with very high organic load.

The first thing that we noticed looking at the skimmer is definitely its diameter, is huge! But let us look to all technical features in detail.

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Preview: the new Skimmer Elos PS2000 with needle wheel

The Elos has recently removed from its catalog the famous NS Series skimmers, which worked with top-down injection with a more classic skimmers with needle wheel.

One of the new monsters presented is the new PS2000 who has taken the place of the old NS2000, now we have one to test on DaniReef.com.

The skimmer is built absolutely flawless, is a feast for the eyes to see how it was forged and how the acrylic bonding have been done. Only the adjustable outlet is made of PVC as well as the pump body.

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Elos NS500 skimmer is out of production

The Elos has today announced the end of production of one of its symbols, that skimmer has been for years one of his warhorses. The Natural Skimmer NS500, a skimmer that I have not personally had in my tank, but I can only speak well to have seen it in many different aquariums.

An extremely versatile skimmer that over the years, ever since it was conceived, it was possible to upgrade to its latest incarnation with new injector, with new outlet, but essentially it’s always been the same great skimmer.

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