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Return Pumps: tests and real measurements compared

The last period on DaniReef.com was really full of work and ideas, too bad not only have enough arms to follow all the projects we initiate.

The project of the return pumps is now old and started with the previous article “return pumps: calculating the flow” that I invite you to read, and which proposed an excel file, downloadable, editable with most of the pumps on the market, which were often recommended as return pumps in the forums and among hobbyists. The file made possible from the data of the pumps and the prevalence of each tank, get a pump flow rate calculated for each individual pump.

Although the file would be updated by anyone, I was always curious to know how pumps would behave in reality as well as declared by individual manufacturers.

During the Zoomark of last year we decided to contact some companies in the industry to do a comparative test of the pumps.

Some have enthusiastically joined,  in true alphabetical order, Eheim, Tunze and Sicce, and they have provided the pumps subject of our comprensive test.

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