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Preview: New Planctondose of Planctontech, the natural food

On DaniReef we have always claimed the importance of properly feed invertebrates in a reef aquarium, we have also written a very nice untranslated article just dedicated about feeding of corals that you can view here: L’alimentazione dei coralli. Finally, thanks to the availability of our friend Roberto Ferri we remember in a famous speech about coral’s nutrition and coloration that you can view right here (it’s an italian speech): The pigmentation of corals: a multifactorial situation. Report by Roberto Ferri, we have to test a sample of New PlanctonDose from Planctontech.

The New PlanctonDose is a dispenser of Zooplankton for aquarium, specifically the rotifer of genre Brachionus plicatilis, automated and almost self-sufficient, as long as we verses every 2-3 days about 50 ml of phytoplankton which serves to feed rotifers.

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Alimentazione dei pesci – The fish feeding

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Chrisiptera parasema e Pseudoanthias squamipinnis si contendono un krill liofilizzato

L’alimentazione dei pesci in acquario è ovviamente fondamentale, mentre non è così ovvio capire cosa sia meglio e più adeguato per i nostri amici pinnuti, nonché per l’equilibrio del nostro acquario.

Leggi tutto l’articolo dedicato all’alimentazione dei pesci in acquario, corredato da diverse foto e da un bellissimo video: L’Alimentazione dei pesci.

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The feeding of fish in the aquarium is of course essential, but it is not so obvious what is better and more appropriate for our aquatic friends, and for balance of our aquarium.

Read on our coverage on fish feeding with many pictures and one video: fish feeding

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