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Teco Tank TK 500: the king of chiller – In depth review

teco tank tk 500

We have tried and tested the new chiller from Teco new line Tank Chiller Line, the Teco TK 500, throughout last summer and this winter, and we can only proclaim it the king of chiller. [versione italiana]

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Teco E-Chill: our complete review

The Teco-Chill is a complete system to lower the temperature in aquarium, developed by italian company Teco, and  on the market since last summer. On DaniReef.com we have had a world premiere, we made a video explaining the installation and use, and after a whole summer full of tests and trials we are here for a complete and thorough review.

The Teco gave me the version with 2 fans that think the more balanced and less invasive for an aquarium like mine measuring 130x60x50(h) cm.

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Interzoo 2012: The Teco booth

Continuing in Hall 4, we visited the Teco, an Italy company specializing inaquarium refrigeration. In truth, I really think is the only company specialized in this area, given that we have not seen any other.

We immediately started talking about Echill, presented two years ago and in the production and sale since last year, a product that we loved, that we had a preview on our website (World premiere: The Teco E-Chill is here. How setting in this incredible video by DaniReef) and we will release shortly a very complete review.

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The first Teco Open Day Reportage

Sunday, July 10th was held the First Teco Open Day at the Aquarium of Cattolica, Rimini, Italy. A beautiful day spent together passionately, in the morning we were entertained by Massimo Turci and Alice Risi who have talked about Teco and its products, especially the new E-Chill, while the afternoon was left free to visit the aquarium. Lunch was consumed at the restoraunt inside the building of the aquarium, incredibly cheap how incredibly good fish food!

Let’s see how the day went on

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World premiere: The Teco E-Chill is here. How setting in this incredible video by DaniReef

Thanks to the kindness of Teco, I have in my home right now the first E-Chill intended for consumers, who have followed me live on Facebook was able to comment live preview of my first photos put online, but now we are here with a great video explaining the installation of E-Chill well as its setting. As usual, it’s worth seeing the video in high resolution.

You can watch live how versatile is and how simple is to put it on your tank.

Over the next few days then I intend to do all the necessary measurements, especially consumption, since they are declared only 14 watts for 150 mc/h, and noise, and to put it in direct comparison with tangential fan, and maybe with the normal cooling fans that are usually used in the aquarium, and of course all my usual comments… continue to follow us…

Zoomark 2011: Teco

Today we continue our reportage about the Zoomark stopping at the beautiful stand of Teco, Italian company specialized in manufacturing aquarium chillers.

In the picture we see from left Alice Risi, sales manager, Massimo Turci, owner and passionate hobbyist, DaniReef, AndreaNegu and Giuseppe while discussing the news of summer 2011, the E-chill of which we have spoken in recent days.

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Teco showed us their new E-chill

Teco finally announced the availability of the new E-Chill for summer 2011, of which we had already seen a large demonstration at the Nuremberg Interzoo last year.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a chiller in order to be able to cool also big tanks. According to calculations made ​​by Teco, it allows an energy saving of about 30% if they are installed together with a chiller because they allow a significant shortening of time to use the same chiller. Similarly, the set temperature is reached certainly more quickly.

If, of course, will be installed alone can lower the temperature of the aquarium promoting evaporation but its performance will depend greatly on the relative humidity in the room.

Equipped with digital thermostat and three performance levels to set by the user is aesthetically appealing and very interesting.

We hope to have one of this to test very soon and then be able to make a thorough test before the summer heat.

Teco will also be exhibiting at the fair in Bologna, during the Zoomark, ready for summer sale.

The three models are:

E-chill1 suitable for tanks up to 500 liters, a 12V power supply, consumption of 8W with a weight of 0.5 kg and a size of 130x220x200 (h)

E-chill2 suitable for tanks up to 800 liters, a 12V power supply, consumption of 14W for a weight of 0.75 kg and a size of 260x220x200 (h)

E-chill3 suitable for tanks up to 1,500 liters, a 12V power supply, consumption of 20W for a weight of 0.1 kg and a size of 390x220x200 (h)

What do you think about??

Chiller Teco TR15 – the complete review

The chiller has now become an indispensable accessory for a Reef Aquarium, to host corals and to mantain them in good health even in summer, without risking the phenomena of bleaching, and even without going to affect the health of fish.

Eric H. Borneman in his book Aquarium Corals : Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History (which I recommend strongly to buy by clicking on the title) speaking about temperature, remembers some areas of the reef, which have averages 28°C, 30°C of maximum peak, and minimum of 21°C. In our house, in summer the temperature could have sudden increasing. If we consider that, physically, limits aquarium may not have temperatures below the ambient temperature, unless special arrangements, we get that is easy to reach temperatures well above 35°C, given by ambient temperatures above 30°C, strong lighting and all the heat induced from pumps.

Chiller Teco TR15

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Un nuovo refrigeratore: TECO TR15 – A new chiller: TECO TR15

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Dal momento che sta arrivando l’estate e visto il mio recente cambio di sistema di illuminazione da T5 ad HQi (Elos E-Power) ho deciso di sostituire il mio vecchio refrigeratore (Aquamedic Titan 250) con un modello più potente, il Teco TR15.

La scelta è caduta su questo modello a causa della ottima reputazione della casa italiana, che ho scoperto essere di Ravenna non molto lontano da Rimini, e delle ottime recensioni che si leggono in giro. Anche se mi ero trovato bene con Aquamedic ho quindi deciso di cambiare anche per poter provare qualcosa di nuovo.

Ovviamente lo scambiatore in titanio era d’obbligo, e la potenza totale assorbita è pari a 350w, oltre tre volte il precedente Aquamedic. Nei prossimi giorni lo metterò in funzione e farò un po’ di foto all’installazione, dall’uscita dal cartone all’inserimento in vasca.

Poi a fine estate ovviamente ci sarà una lunga ed approfondità recensione, per qualsiasi domanda lasciate pure un commento.

Una piccola nota: ho scelto volutamente di evitare prodotti cinesi dando fiducia ad una azienda italiana soprattutto per la garanzia e le garanzie che quest’ultima mi può offrire anche a discapito di un prezzo di acquisto maggiore, d’altronde la qualità si paga, e questo non ha prezzo. Inoltre da rumors che si leggono nei vari forum sembra che il prodotto italiano sia caratterizzato da una maggiore efficienza e soprattutto da una ridotta rumorosità. Tutti punti che approfondirò in futuro.

Sito web Teco: www.tecoonline.com

English Version

Since summer is coming and since my recent change of lighting system from T5 to HQi (Elos E-Power), I decided to replace my old chiller (Aquamedic Titan 250) with a more powerful, the Teco TR15 .

The choice fell on this model because of the excellent reputation of the Italian brand, which I found to be in Ravenna, not far from Rimini, and the great reviews that I read about. Even if I found I was good with Aquamedic I decided to change to try something new.

Obviously exchanger titanium was a must, and the total power consumption is equal to 350W, over three times the previous Aquamedic. In the coming days I’ll put it in operation and I will take some pictures of the installation, from the box to the tank.

Then in the late summer of course there will be a long and thorough review, if you’ve any questions please leave a comment.

A small note: I deliberately chose to avoid Chinese products, giving confidence to an italian company especially for the guarantee and the guarantees that it can offer me at the expense of a higher purchase price, you know the quality you pay, and this is priceless. In addition to rumors in different forums it seems that the Italian product is characterized by greater efficiency and, above all, reduced noise levels. All points I will look at in the future very deeply.

Teco web site: www.tecoonline.com