Interzoo 2018: Aquatlantis turns up with a huge booth

This year as well the Aquatlantis booth turned up huge. After all as of late, we came across them at every important manifestation we visited. From Zoomark in Bologna (here), to CIPS in Shanghai (here) to Interzoo now.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

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Moreover we got acquainted for the first time with Terratlantis, Aquatlantis‘s side which deals with terrariums and the like. But the most interesting stuff was for sure oriented towards aquariums, with the project named Aqua View, new small aquariums for Betta splendens, and some gorgeous adornments.

Yes, you read correctly, and I’ll repeat myself: Gorgeous Adornments. Are you wondering how this is possible? Keep on reading and you won’t regret it. Probably we reef aquariums enthusiasts would never integrate them in our aquariums, but they were really well done.

Let’s go in order.

Aquatlantis Aqua View

Aqua View is the wording for all of Aquatlantis‘s open aquariums. Proposed in 5 different sized. Perfect for both marine and fresh water.

Under the big billboard a small aquarium was displayed, already equipped with whatever is needed for a marine aquarium. From 3 Easy Leds, to the sump.

A minimal set-up, gorgeous as well.

You’re going to see Aqua View aquariums basically in every picture we took of the booth. But let’s take a moment to go on with the Explorer series and the new Betta Aquariums.

Explorer’s aquarium series

A series of aquariums for children or neophytes, with a lid, as opposed to Aqua View‘s, and already equipped with filter and illumination.

Proposed in many different colors.

My Betta and Bettacub

The new small aquariums for the My Betta (16,6×16,6×15,3 cm) and Bettacub (20.2×20.5×18.8 cm) series show up in three different colorings, black, white and red.

Of course, we hope that whoever engages in breeding fighting fish won’t be confined within these measures, but will invest in an aquarium of other dimensions. For your personal culture, we suggest you also read our Betta splendens detailed study article.

Among the first LED rods proposed on the market, we could not miss the Easy Leds.

The adornments

As we said, we’re not the biggest fans of adornments, for we’d rather have a nice stretch of corals, or a credible setting for a freshwater aquarium bottom. But these adornments, of various nature, from war to cars, were really well made.

There were bound to be bioluminescent effects as well.

Terratlantis Smart Line

And to top it off, adornments and settings particular to terrarium.

 Some really unique settings.


For more information about Aquatlantis products you should check out their official website and we invite you to read our Editorial about the exhibition to learn about our point of view on Interzoo and to get the list of all of the booths we have visited and commented to date: