Interzoo 2018: Amtra with battery aerator, led refractometers and more

Interzoo 2018: lo stand AmtraAmtra presented itself at the Interzoo 2018 with a renovated catalog, ready to face the market with many news, and they all hit the bull’s eye. So much that we don’t know where to start from.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

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For the ones who don’t know Amtra, it’s part of the bigger colossus Croci, of which it represents the aquaristic part. Since last year Amtra relies on Davide Robustelli, who is revolutionizing the aquarium branch, and the results we’ve been able to observe throughout this year reached their peak in this Interzoo.

As usual I like to start the reportages with a bit of colour. Just received at the booth they offered us some Chinese Tea… Or, better, we could choose between different essences. All of them where very good. And that’s how I like being in a booth. Manners that strike and welcome you: a big difference compared to what we’ve seen in the other pavilions.

Moreover, always in Amtra booth, we met different aquarist personalities, from the Blasilli brothers of Iquitos, Jake Adams of Reefbuilder, Gian Domenico Palieri of PetsFestival. It might be just a case, but we met them all in this booth.

The personalities met in this booth

As we have just said we met a lot of friends at Amtra‘s booth, and we have a long and good confrontation especially with Jake of ReefBuilders.

The innovative Amtra Air System UPS Areator

You know that I have always suggested the purchase of a UPS for run our aquarium, in order to be ready to face the eventual absence of electric power. But I also said that the UPS probably is not the best way to do that. But the aerator could be. But it has always been problematic realizing a battery that activates in lack of electric current.

Interzoo 2018: areatore a batteria Air System UPS presso lo stand AmtraToday Amtra proudly presents us exactly this kind of aerator. It’s a battery aerator that, depending on the model, can last for over 20 hours. There are three kind of models to meet the needs of every aquarist.

Interzoo 2018: areatore a batteria Air System UPS presso lo stand AmtraThe aerator can work as usual, that is staying on, or it can work in standby. In this modality the aerator will be switched off and it will turn on only when the electric power goes down, working until it comes back again, or until the end of the battery.

There are three models available:

  • Air System UPS 60: 20 hours of autonomy;
  • Air System UPS 120: 11 hours of autonomy;
  • Air System UPS 360: 14 hours of autonomy.

Interzoo 2018: areatore a batteria Air System UPS presso lo stand AmtraEach model is complete with all the accessories required to work. We agreed with Amtra that soon we will have ours to test. So if you are interested continue to follow our pages.

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