How to clean aquarium glasses without troubles? Mirage takes care of it

ATM Mirage per la pulizia dei vetri dell'acquario in maniera atossicaGet our hands on the aquarium glasses is always stressful.  That’s why ATM has developed Mirage.

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Personally I am always afraid to use any cleaning product for the fear it might contaminate the water of the aquarium.  So no alcohol, no ammonia, nothing at all. Generally I use tap water, softened (so without calcium), and a microfiber cloth or a Scottex. Unfortunately, as you readers know very well, the aquarium glasses are often extremely greasy, and the job is not always so easy.

Indeed in my own case, I don’t know if you are luckier than me, I have to pass a first Scottex soaked in water on the glass, then a second one to dry it. The result is good, but it takes a long time.

Knowing this ATM has developed Mirage. 

ATM Mirage

ATM Mirage is a non toxic product, without ammonia, that cleans and shines. It doesn’t leave streaks, cleans the fingerprints and any other filth that stains our wonderful glasses. It rejects the dust and leaves an amazing shining finishing. As an old Italian advertisement said, for who remembers it, “Proof is in the pudding“. ATM Mirage per la pulizia dei vetri dell'acquario in maniera atossica

Mirage is perfect for cleaning both glass and acrylic aquariums. With the safeness that, if a few drops should fall in the tank, they would not cause any trouble for fish, corals and plants. And that’s something wonderful.

In my opinion, it’s worth the purchase just for the speed it takes to clean the glass. Even if I admit that the result is better than my homemade approach.

ATM Mirage is sold only in the 236ml package with the spraying dispenser. The price is 15,75 euro.

Does anyone of you had the opportunity to prove it? What do you think about it? Leave your comments in the window below or in our social channels.