A wide range of devices for automatic water change by Smart Reefs

In a small booth at CIPS we found Smart Reefs Co. Ltd., a very interesting but small company producing automatic water change devices for marine aquariums.

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We are talking about a small company, incospicuous compared to the galactic booths we have visited so far. A company that is looking for dealers worldwide for their products. And we, Tech Addicted, as they say, liked their products right away.

To give you an idea they don’t even have a website. We have their address, of course, and if you are interested in a retail you can contact me and I’ll be glad to share it.

Okay, back to what we were discussing.  Smart Reefs has immediatly affected us because, except for the name, showed these digital boxes linked to different small aquariums.

Above you can see the small pre-finished booth. Minimal, but it has immediately attracted our gaze. There were different devices for automatic water change inside the booth.  Suitable for all the pockets and with a wide range of features.

We start watching them from the simplest to get to the more complicated one.

Smart A.T.O. – automatic top-off system

Everything is managed by that small box you can see in the picture.  Smart Top Off  has got a temperature display and an alarm sounds if any malfunction occurs; in addition thanks to two sensors and a pump connected it provides the automatic water top-off, measuring minimum and maximum levels. The cost, by heart, is less than 30 dollars.

Aqua Smart Center

Aqua Smart Center, is a device for automatic top-off itself, but sharpest than the Smart ATO we have just seen above. It still manages temperature alarms, is able for the automatic top-off with anti-flooding control, it manages temperature and also a potential fan for aquarium cooling, it is connectable to your house Wi-Fi and it warns you  in any case of malfunction. Aqua Smart Center has a very aggressive price too, under 70 dollars.

Smart Water Changer – automatic water change

Let’s look at their first device for water changing called Smart Water Changer, provided by default with a filter. This feature allows it to be a stand alone device, so it does not need an external pump to work.

Of course we are talking about dimensionally small devices, but very interesting for what they do. The logical side is managed by a single level sensor, to which have been applied logics from an Artificial Intelligence. 

Above we can see two overlaid Smart Water Changer , so you can appreciate the front with a touch screen, and the back with the connections. Water inlet and outlet from the tank, charging filter, sensor and power plug.

Smart Water Changer Pro

And finally comes the top of the line Smart Reefs: Smart Water Changer Pro.

Smart Water Changer Pro is what I call an ultimate product. Actually it combines in a single product the temperature alarm feature,  that comes always handy, but mainly the management of the water changes and the automatic top-off .

Above we can see the same configuration in two overlaid devices, so we can appreciate the very clean front with a touch screen, and the back with sevral connections, including:

  • 2 links for water inlet and outlet for the water top-off, with the chance to manage two tanks;
  • Flooding sensor;
  • Link with the outlet pump;
  • Link with the inlet pump;
  • Level sensor;
  • Link with the level restoration pump;
  • Temperature sensor;
  • Level sensor in the water top off tank.

Furthermore the product specification talk about a superior accuracy for the determination of the water to be changed.

Everything, as I recall, at a price lower than 200 dollars. In my opinion it’s a bargain.


As we said above Smart Reefs hasn’t got a website, but if you need to get in touch with them you can contact us and we’ll help you. To deepen your knowledge about CIPS 2017  you can read our editorial here, where you can find all the links to the articles we have done and to the ones we will write from now forth.


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