Bacto: Colombo’s bacteria for start up and maintenance of aquarium

Colombo Bacto: batteri per acquari mariniBacto is the bacteria that Colombo is proposing for the start up of marine aquarium and for the maintenance of the biological nitrogen cicle.

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As we know, or should know, the biological nitrogen cycle includes all that chemical reactions that lead ammonia (or better ammonium ion) to be converted  first in nitrite, then in nitrate until it gets to the final conversion in oxygen and nitrogen.

Bacteria are the engine for this processing. So bacteria must be fed at the start up of the aquarium, and have to be constantly fed to keep a permanent bacteria population. External dosing is especially good to prevent  a monoculture to be be formed in aquarium where certain bacteria strains survive to the detriment of others. A regular dosing of external bacteria helps to avoid this deal, keeping the essential bacteria variety for a correct aquarium managing.

Colombo Bacto

Hence Colombo is proposing Bacto, a blend of bacteria able to develop and boost nitrogen cycle, and keeping it activated  over time. Suggested bacteria are specifically intended, according to the producer, for marine aquarium. The product concerned is a liquid solution and is easy to use.



As a tradition from Colombo, the packaging color is yellow and it straightly refers to the ammonia test. So it’ easy correlating  the two products. Moreover it is part of the Start line, a series of test, pH, Kh, Ammonia and Nitrites, that Colombo suggests when setting up a new tank.

Costs and dosage of Colombo Bacto

Colombo Bacto is available in two different pack sizes. The first one containing 500 ml at 16,95 euro and the second 1.000 ml at 24,30 euro. Of course the bigger packaging is cheaper, with a cost per litre of 24 euro versus  34 euro of the small size. Honestly I’d choose the bigger size immediately because it has twice the duration and costs only 50% more.

The recommended dose is different in case of starting up a new tank or maintaining  it. When starting up it is advisable to dose 1 ml every 5 liters 2 times a week for  5 weeks. Supposing a 300 litres tank it means 60 ml twice a week, which is 600 ml for all the maturation cycle.

Instead maintenance is less expensive, since it is enough 1 ml every 5 litres, only once a week.

When starting up a 100 litres tank we have a duration of 20 weeks for the small packaging and over 45 for the bigger one, about 11 months! For a 300 litres tank numbers are reduced, and the small package is not enough to complete the start up cycle. The large one is enough for 11 weeks. Of course when maintaining  numbers dilate.

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