Maxspect Ethereal – our analysis

Maxspect EtherealAs you know we’re testing the Maxspect Ethereal on Jonathan‘s aquarium. Three ceiling lights are lighting up an aquarium of 160x80x50 cm. Qui l’analisi della Maxspect Ethereal in italiano.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

Here you have our analysis till now, waiting for the moment in which we will can give you a complete review.

Technical characteristics of the Maxspect Ethereal

LED channels:

There are five channels that can be singularly managed. So there are many types of led that are controlled together.

  • Channel A – Cool White (Group 1 – 6.500K Cool White, Group 2 – 460nm Blue);
  • Channel B – White (Group 1 – 4.500K Neutral White, Group 2 – 2.700K Warm White);
  • Channel C – Blue (Group 1 – 465nm Cool Blue, Group 2 – 485nm Ultramarine Blue);
  • Channel D – Royal Blue (Group 1 – 445nm Royal Blue, Group 2 – 460nm Blue);
  • Channel E – Super attinico (Group 1 – 405nm UV, Group 2 – 425nm Super Actinic).


  • Length: 30 cm
  • Width: 24 cm
  • Thickness: 2,5 cm

Maximum declared consumption for a single ceiling light: 130 watt (150 VA)

Declared light intensity : 450~600 PAR a 30 cm from the ceiling light

Selling price: 500 euro Vat included

Maxspect Ethereal


The Maxspect Ethereal are well built, with a remarkable design too. There’s a noticeable difference between these and the Philips CoralCare, recently reviewed in these pages (article). These ceiling lights are small, lightweight and stylised. Moreover they’ve an adjustable support for the glass. Anyway is necessary to find a place where to place its power supply. These ceiling lights are passively cooled by a fan, regulated by an inner thermostat. They don’t make a considerable noise.

Maxspect Ethereal - la ventola

The programming

Thanks to a specific choice by Maxspect the programming software can be used only by smartphone and tablet, and it works just with the (optional) control module ICV6. You have to download a completely free application to create curves for its use during the day. As you can see from the curve we’re using, we have divided the 5 channels, in different hours, by the switch on and switch off and for a slow dimmering.

We like the light so the curve conserves the factory planning with all the channel at 100% without the channel B, at 70%.

Technically there aren’t lunar phases but it’s possible to create a nocturne halo with the fan illumination. It can be set on many different colors and intensities. We’re now just interested in the blue.

Anyway it’s a very comfortable function.

Maxspect Ethereal - la programmazione

The planning is extremely simple, even if a bit laborious, because for each point (hour) it’s necessary to define even the percentage of the various channels. The ceiling light will take care of the dimmering of the leds between the different points.

All the recorded values at page two