A new incredible idea from XAqua: the Filter Box

filter-box-xaqua-04Xaqua presents Filter Box, a compact filter system easy to use in sump. Articolo disponibile anche in italiano.

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This idea really makes the difference and we of DaniReef appreciate it. We’ve always noticed, especially before a photoset, that the suspension brings a lot of problems, moreover it’s too evident.

The (even economical) solutions are filter bags set in the falling water. The problem is that they aren’t always stable and easy to set: the drain for the falling is big and rigid and it’s a bit complicated to be insert in the filter bag. Moreover this filter bag isn’t enough raised to be able to work successfully.

And we think that the idea moved the steps from this problem: the genius solution is to put a couple of filter bags, which take care of the filtering and the stability of the system.


Xaqua’s Filter Box

Xaqua’s Filter Box is a plexiglass container to be directly inserted in sump. It’s big enough to insert the drain for the falling water and the system handles what’s left to do.

The available Filter Bags, as you can see in the pictures below, are two: one of 200 and the other of 400 micron.


This is a practical solution because it has two handles that allow a fast and convenient extraction from the sump. It measures 15.5 cm per 34.5 cm, with 40 cm height, 43.5 cm with the grips.


The price is about 180 euros, check Xaqua’s official site . It’s not so cheap, but we think it’s appropriate for the care in the construction and the brilliance of the solution.


It obviously should be tested to see if the small distance from the bottom causes any problems to the operation. But we really like the idea, what do you think?


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