The new KPS pump and ceiling led light LRM from Aqamai in the Hydor booth during PetsFestival 2016

201610-aqamai-gorgonia-hydor-layout-lps-petsfestival-75-copyright-by-danireefFinally has been discovered, even in Italy, the new led LRM ceiling light and the new KPS pump by Aqamai. italy-flag-28x19 Cliccando qui trovate l’articolo in italiano.

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They have been presented to the public for the first time during the PetsFestival 2016, in Hydor booth. As you now, Hydor decided to created this high level brand, Aqamai. Aqamai  is at the top levels of the market with its excellent technological products. Remember that we have spoken about it in this previous article: Aqamai – the new brand.

And finally we could have in our hands these two jewels even in Italy, after seeing them at Nuremberg Interzoo exhibition.

KPS pump

Let’s start with the small Aqamai KPS pump. In reality it’s “small” just in appearance, because it’s confirmed about 4.150 l/h with a maximum consumption of 10 watts.


It’s very, very small, with the magnetic mount patented by Hydor. This pump also has the particularity of being able to be directly programmed by tablet or mobile phone. Otherwise, it’s possible to choose between a series of available presets, set up for a corals typology or for marine environments.


So, it’s very easy and fast to buy this pump, insert it in an aquarium and set it up for LPS or SPS. The program is approved by Aqamai specialists.

But the good thing is that the setting program is the same for pumps and ceiling lights, so it’s possible to organize the LRM ceiling light at the same time.

Aqamai led LRM ceiling light


As you can see the ceiling light is really beautiful! So thin, with the two visible clusters, with 90° lens.

The leds have 8 different colorations divided in 6 channels. The amount it’s about 15 leds for cluster. Particularly interesting are the “cool white” leds which are 6  Nichia NVSW219C with CRI > 70 and 180 lumen/watt, an extremely high value.

The leds are completed by a couple of UV leds by SemiLEDs of 405 nm, 4 Indigo always by SemiLEDs of 415 nm, 6 Royal Blue by Nichia NCSC219BT (very beautiful, I can tell), 6 Blue Nichia NCSB219BT, 2 Green Nichia NCSG219BT, 2 Red-A Nichia NCSR219BT and in the end 2 Red-B OSRAM Oslon SSL.

We’re talking about 100 watt power for each ceiling light.

It’s an extremely complete equipment which allow to use the ceiling light in both marine and in fresh water.


Here above we can see it in marine water. And the result it’s excellent.
We have to congratulate Hobby Acquari staff on creating this mini reef.

Here above you can see final result with the corals in the aquarium.

But like we’ve already said even the freshwater aquarium was amazing.


Unluckily there was a particular typology of pump which splashed the water on the surface so it didn’t facilitate the sight of this beautiful aquarium.


Watching from a distance it can be appreciated the good Aquascaping work by Samuele Gamberini and the sight of the ceiling light.


It has to be noticed also the metal support of the ceiling light, very stylized and easy to use.

It’s a great entrance in the italian aquarium world for Aqamai. What do the ones of you who came to the PetsFestival think?


And even for today it’s all, check out our further articles about our visit. We’ll leave here the links of Aqamai and Hydor sites, and of our Editorial, that includes even the links to all our other articles about the PetsFestival 2016.

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