Seachem Digital Spoon Scale – review

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the pivot

Operation as we said is very simple, you turn on the Digital Spoon Scale, pours the contents, in the following picture you see for example the granular spirulina, and reads the value, simple as all the scales.

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Seachem Digital Spoon Scale in action

With the advantage, not negligible compared to the traditional scales, that once used you can hang it almost anywhere, but I advise you to not put it inside the aquarium cabinet to ensure that moisture can ruin the internal circuits.

The Digital Spoon Scale is also equipped of automatic shut off and it is corrosion resistant.

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The packaging

Which is the only real issue of Seachem Digital Spoon Scale? The maximum price was set by the manufacturer at 50,73 Euro online, although you can find it with a lower street price, which is quite high for a scale. If wasn’t for the price it would be really fantastic. Although we must say that, for example, looking at Amazon (you can do it by yourself clicking here), there are similar scales from any price, even higher than 100 Euros, generally depending on the required accuracy, and we see that with the same Seachem accuracy we find higher prices.


ico.piu.png Easy to use
ico.piu.png Batteries included
ico.piu.png Perfect for dosing chemical products due to his particular spoon shape


ico.meno Price too much high

Seachem Digital Spoon Scale

Constructive Quality
Value for money


The price is the only pity, too much high otherwise it would be an object recommended  to everyone.

Final Thoughts

There are products which you fall in love with. Seachem Digital Spoon Scale is one of them. The price is the real only drawback of it.

Overall Score 3.5


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