Interzoo 2014: the Genesis booth with EVO 3 filters


The Genesis booth is always very interesting to visit. From the last Interzoo, the booth is grown a lot, now it’s much much bigger, and here we have found one beautiful aquarium and the new filtering system EVO 3, largely improved from the same system of two years ago.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

The EVO 3 filter from Genesis is born in two versions, one for marine aquariums and one for ponds, but the system is almost the same in both versions.

The EVO 3 pond filter exists in nine versions with pump included, suitable for ponds between 10.000 liters and 120.000 liters, and seven versions without pump, to use only by gravity force, for ponds of 60.000 liters maximum.

The system is also extremely customizable, and can be built like the customer prefers, based on each pond capacity.

For aquarium, four versions of EVO 3 filter exists, and they’re suitable for aquariums from 800-1000 liters to 12.000 liters.

For our experience it’s not a perfect filter for italian aquariums because in Italy we have much more smaller aquariums.


Here we have the display aquarium, the filter used is obviously the Genesis EVO 3.


Let’s talk now of the very interesting filtering system.


The filter is based on titanium rotating cylinder, around which there is a 5 micron sheets filter.

The sheet, very thin, starts from one side and goes to the other part, and water will pass through it.

Genesis has used titanium for the EVO 3 filter because of salt water and to avoid corrosion.


This is the EVO 3 filter of the main aquarium.

The system is truly an engineer masterpiece. The water is filtered on 5 micron sheets and comes back to sump, but when the time pass, the filter becomes dirty, and the water can’t pass through it and sheets will becomes less permeable, so the water level inside box increases.

At this point the water overflows sideways and finish over a wheel, like the filter was a mill, and so the mill does advance the sheet. A mechanical system very well engineered.


The filter can handle from a minimum of 3.000 l/h in the EVO 3/200 SWT version until a maximum of 20.000 l/h in the EVO 3/500 SWT version, and as it uses the kinetic energy of water, it doesn’t use electrical power.


The very problem, a big problem indeed, is the price, 1.298 euro for the small one and  3.498 euro for the bigger one, that will keep away the mass from this system, and it creates a target for bigger aquariums and public aquariums too. A replacement for the filter, a sheet 100 mt long, costs only 39 euro, and 78 for 200 meters replacement.


Some beautiful corals in the Genesis aquarium, Zoanthus






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