A new dosing station from Didosy: the Tower Profi

Didosy, an acronym for Digital Dosing System, is new for us Italian aquarists, but produces dosing pumps for about 3 years. And now came out with a brand new product that will soon be marketed in Italy, where they are looking for business partners.

Their product, however, is incredibly beautiful and well worth a fair presentation.

Iquitos - mangimi tropicali - Colombo

The TOWER Profi comes as a tower in acrylic, but almost pocket-sized, it operates four pumps through a link with four small units that are being grafted onto the bottles containing the liquid to be dosed into the tank.

From the beautiful display we can then make many adjustments

Like controlling by a dosage of 5 ml that everything works to perfection, in practice the pump will dose 5 ml of liquid, simply pick it up, check in the true value and then put an offset through his menu.

The TOWER profi will warn us when the liquid is about to end with both an audible alarm or via a message on the display, of course they can be deactivated. All in 5 different languages​​, at least for now, German, English, French, Spanish and of course our Italian.

Judging from the pictures the product is really interesting and very well done, just waiting for some of our readers can get their hands on… but in any case we will soon see in action during Interzoo in Nuremberg, where DaniReef will, as always, present.

But if someone wants to order from now, from Italy or not, may make an order through coral-shop.


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